Nurture of Creative Research Leaders in Immune System Regulation and Innovative Therapeutics: Leading Graduate School at Chiba University




2018-02-27 Advanced General Education: 14th Lecture: Development of advanced in-liquid nanoprobe technologies and challenges in their applications to life science research
2018-02-13 Advanced General Education: 13th Lecture: Finding Story of Activin in my Life
2018-01-30 Advanced General Education: 12th Lecture: Mission: What do we work for?
2018-01-27 FUJISOFT Workshop 27 January, 2018
2018-01-25 70th Leading Graduate School Seminar,
Speaker: Takuji SUZUKI
2018-01-16 Advanced General Education: 11th Lecture: Climate Change and Intensifying Weather
2017-12-22 Advanced General Education: 10th Lecture: Near and Far Future by Space Solar Power Satellite
2017-11-29 Advanced General Education: 9th Lecture: Behavioral Economics of Communities and Leadership
2017-11-27 69th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Hiroyuki HOSOKAWA
2017-11-21 68th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Makoto MURAKAMI
2017-11-20 67th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Hiroaki MITSUYA
2017-11-15 66th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Moriya TSUJII
2017-11-10 65th Leading Graduate School Seminar,
Speaker: 1) Hidehiro YAMANE, 2) Reiko HORAI
2017-10-30 Advanced General Education: 8th Lecture: Quo Vadis Japan; what is your choice?
2017-10-21 Leading Forum 2017
2017-09-29 WHO, Geneva, Switzerland (2017)
2017-09-14 Advanced General Education: 7th Lecture: Mathematical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
2017-08-31 La Jolla, San Diego, USA 2017
2017-07-21 Advanced General Education: 6th Lecture: Plague, Medicine, Hospice in Western Art
2017-07-06 Advanced General Education: 5th Lecture: Future directions of rural areas