Nurture of Creative Research Leaders in Immune System Regulation and Innovative Therapeutics: Leading Graduate School at Chiba University




2014-09-12 12th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Kiyoshi TAKEDA
2014-08-24 La Jolla-USA Report: Koo Nagasawa, Department of Pediatrics
2014-07-25 Advanced General Education: 8th Special Lecture, Lecturer: Giichiro OISO
2014-07-17 Advanced General Education: 7th Special Lecture, Lecturer: Midori HIRAI
2014-07-04 Advanced General Education: 6th Special Lecture, Lecturer: Tadashi WATANABE
2014-06-21 The 2nd Student Meeting of Leading Graduate Schools in KUMAMOTO: Huizi Li, Department of Radiotherapy
2014-06-20 Advanced General Education: 5th Special Lecture, Lecturer: Isao KARUBE
2014-06-20 RIKEN IMS Summer Program 2014 (RISP2014)
2014-06-20 Report on RIKEN IMS Summer Program 2014: Miaki Uzu, Department of Geriatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics
2014-06-18 5th Chiba Allergy Clinical Conference
2014-06-06 Advanced General Education: 4th Special Lecture, Lecturer: Seiichi SHIMADA
2014-05-30 Advanced General Education: 3rd Special Lecture, Lecturer: Takuya SAITO
2014-05-27 Advanced General Education: 2nd Special Lecture, Lecturer: Junichi HARUTA
2014-05-13 Advanced General Education: 1st Special Lecture, Lecturer: Toshio MIYATA
2014-05-01 11th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Toshihiko FUTANA
2014-04-30 10th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Koichi S. KOBAYASHI
2014-04-25 8th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Toshi MARUYAMA
2014-04-11 2014 Course Orientation
2014-04-10 9th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Hiroshito ICHII
2014-03-31 7th Leading Graduate School Seminar, Speaker: Dr. Omid Akbari, Ph.D.